Arkansas School for the Deaf

TOP 10 Reasons why Students should go to ASD

1. Everyone can communicate.

We encourage all forms of communication.  All ASD staff can communicate with students, regardless of their chosen means of communication.

2.  Our classes are small.

A low student-to-teacher ratio means that each student receives individual attention. Most classes have less than 8 students.

3.  Language is everywhere!

Specialized language and literacy programs are used at every level.  We love learning language! Even in our subject area classes, we incorporate reading and language skills.

4.  Our staff are Specialists in the field of Deaf Education.

Our staff is made up of Highly Qualified Teachers.  Most teachers on campus hold a Master's degree or higher and have worked with children who are deaf or hard-of -hearing for more than 15 years. We have specialized Audiologists and Speech Pathologists available daily for our students.

5.  We are all on the same team.

Parents, teachers, administrators, houseparents, and other school staff have frequent communication to discuss student needs and progress.

6.  We have state-of-the-art Technology.

ASD is a leader in educational technology in the state of Arkansas. Every classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, an LCD Projector, a document camera, and a digital message board.  Digital cameras and camcorders are available for student use.  Our schools and dorms are all networked to provide easy access during work time or study time.

7.   ASD is tuition free!

Families do not pay tuition or costs for boarding, transportation, or educational services such as speech therapy, audiology services, tutoring, physical and occupational therapy, or on-campus Health services. ASD is financed through state and federal funds.

8.  There is so much to do!

ASD offers rich cultural and social experiences that aren't available anyplace else! Every student is encouraged to participate in activities outside of school. 

At ASD, students can play on the football team, be a cheerleader, or be on the Homecoming Court. They can be in the school play, in a performing group, or Student Body President.  The choices are endless!

9. We will help you get ready to graduate.

Transition planning for each student begins in Middle School and continues until graduation.  We will help you plan for college, or get ready to enter the workforce.

10.  Students make friends - and memories - that last a lifetime.

Friends interact directly with each other - no interpreter is needed!  Regardless of hearing loss or communication methods, we are all friends at ASD.